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The Bianchi Family

The Bianchi Foundation was established by Chris Bianchi. A Music Entrepreneur from Streetsboro, Ohio. Developed from his passion for Music and impacting Children's lives. This is a family-run foundation with help from his wife Kayla Bianchi and son Carter on the Board. 

Our goal is to provide musical instruments, lessons, and more to those in need.

Music serves as a way of expression and often healing. Everyone, especially, children should have a way to express themselves.

Our proceeds are donated to numerous local and regional schools, communities, events, and people alike.

Remember a time that Music has brought you joy?

A time it has helped you through a negative emotion? 

Imagine if you might not have had that opportunity to listen, feel, play.

We never want anyone especially a Child to miss this opportunity. Join us in helping continue to support those in need.



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